Baltijos labdaros fondas

Who we are

Baltic Charity Foundation  - founded in 2005, a non-profit organization. Our main goal is to fight against poverty and exclusion, to achieve a comprehensive well-being of each individual. Our main beneficiaries are rural communities and their members, as we believe it is rural people in most need of comprehensive assistance and ongoing support.


2015 September 6th, in Alytus City Hall Square an attempt to capture the "most massive photographers crowd” record was successful. To this event registered more than 600 participants. Everyone using his favorite photographing technique could choose one of the available photographing topics: 1) Search of old Alytus; 2) Alytus - Europe - The World; 3) Street Photography; 4) Alytus - green city; 5) Alytus in different way; 6) Before opening the highest pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Lithuania "White Rose"; 7) Alytus - Sporty city.Photos of the participants must be sent to event organizers till 19th of October.



This year on first week of September in Alytus College has happened introduction to study events. During those events students were introduced with study programs and also had the extraordinary opportunity to hear lectures on global issues, global challenges.


On June 30 - July 3rd 2015 was held ASU the young leader's camp. There ASU rector and Goodwill Ambassador of the year for development Antanas Maziliauskas made a presentation for the camp participants about development cooperation and its importance in the modern world and shared his perennial experience gained in developing countries.


The year 2015 is the European year for development. This is the year when you can share global poverty overcoming success stories, to understand how poverty in distant countries is related to Lithuania and that there are still more challenges and how each of us can contribute to the development cooperation efforts.