Baltijos labdaros fondas

Who we are

Baltic Charity Foundation  - founded in 2005, a non-profit organization. Our main goal is to fight against poverty and exclusion, to achieve a comprehensive well-being of each individual. Our main beneficiaries are rural communities and their members, as we believe it is rural people in most need of comprehensive assistance and ongoing support.


Since 2005, the Baltic Charity Foundation provides services to the rural population, which is necessary for the versatile support and assistance, starting with the presentation of information and consultation, as well as material aid. Baltic Charity Foundation has many years of experience in working with the rural population, constantly improving its services, it seeks innovative means by which rural community members are being motivated and encouraged to develop and improve themselves and the surrounding environment, be socially responsible and participate in community life.

Foundation's activities are aimed to increase the socio-economic well-being of the people. To achieve this objective there is prepared training system that encourages rural communities for joint activities. During seminars and training sessions we, together with communities, seek ways to solve economic problems and to change people's attitude to life. Trainings in communities includes in today's society particularly emphasized and prevailing topics, such as gender equality, sustainable development, entrepreneurship and sociality. Working with communities, foundation aims to provide more information on current topics, as any changes taking place in the modern world have or potentially can have influence on people's living conditions. During the conducted foundation’s training, community members acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant in all life areas, since training not only provides the theoretical knowledge, but also people exercise workshops, during which members of the community enabled for meaningful activities and gain confidence in their ability and willingness to change themselves and environment. Upholding the tradition of gifting, the foundation donates livestock to families to achieve rural community’s member’s economic and social independence and also to promote farming. Gifting is based on the principle that the foundation’s donated animals must be cultivated, taken care of and the first offsprings must be donated to another family. This beautiful tradition encourages every citizen to develop human values ​​and develops responsibility for others.

The Foundation works closely with various support, charitable foundations and non-governmental organizations, and is one of the founders of the Poverty Reduction Network in Lithuania, also an active participant in development cooperation area. Cooperating with various institutions of social security and welfare, employment, community integration, we focuse on community building, and each family, individual's quality of life and welfare, skills, personal qualities, education and awareness raising, resulting in each community member having a better foothold in the labor market and society. In this way, the increasing growth of activities from communities and each individual is an important factor in shaping a safe and healthy living environment and the prevailing positive attitude in it.

The Baltic Charity Foundation has a long connection with the LEADER programme, having conducted it in all provinces of Lithuania and has prepared a comparative analysis of LEADER and transnational programmes across EC countries. In the proposed project, it would (a) present LEADER experiences from EU countries to the project partners and LAG members; (b) support the development of the LDS by bringing its experience of setting up local networks within the Kakheti regions; and (c) support the transfer of practical findings of project through the development of a replication strategy.

The foundation supports emerging ideas and activities within the community:

  • projects, which include the environment, human and animal welfare;
  • creation and development of micro      enterprises;
  • education and awareness-raising activities;
  • gender equality projects;
  • development of      communities;     
  • sustainable      exploitation and environmental protection      projects;
  • improvement projects of food safety      and so on.

Foundation gifts

Accomplishing the projects in the Baltic countries, the Foundation has helped almost 3,000 families. The Foundation donated about 1,000 heifers, 1,000 sheep, nearly 80 goats, 250 hives, about 100 chickens, 120 rabbits, 40 geese, 50 horses, willows sprout, which were planted in 60 ha, more than 25 thousand plants, and also donated California worms. This spring, 14 tons of potatoes were donated to 14 Lithuanian communities.

The Foundation also allocates funds for veterinary services, mineral feeds and other goods related to the project needs.