On 22nd of March 2016. At 13.00 Milašaičiai rural community invites to spend afternoon in campaign: "Be a good citizen, be an active citizen of Lithuania".

The campaign involves Milašaičiai rural community and Plunge Senamiesčio high school Green circle members. In March, the Senamiesčio high school students will immortalize on paper as they understand the love for Lithuania, as they see their homeland as part of. During the meeting, all the drawings will be presented, all the authors will have the opportunity to speak about their work and introduce basic design idea. At the end of the afternoon accompanied by a Plunge’s Senamiesčio high school students and their teachers will organize the exhibition of drawings at their school. This will be aimed at bridging the gap between rural and urban residents of a common desire to promote citizenship and nationality initiatives, tipper understanding of different age groups of citizens to engage as civil society actors.