On Valentine's Day Žlibinai rural community (Plunge district) invites everyone to join the community organized campaign to combat violence against women. The goal is to speak out what all are thinking, but too often remain silent. The campaign aims to point out that every third woman in the world, which is about a billion, suffer from violence.

Violence against women in the family - it's all intentional physical, psychological, economic, sexual one family member, usually a man, actions against another member of the family, usually women, if these actions violate her, as a citizen and person's constitutional rights and freedoms and cause economic, physical, mental or moral harm.

According to the survey, in Lithuania violence against women is not tolerated and aggressive behavior is not considered manhood. Nevertheless, every ninth officially registered crime in Lithuania is committed against a family member. At least once a month, a woman is killed by an intimate partner. This violence costs us 1,540,141,673 euros a year; it is the same amount as the state budget allocates to education, culture and leisure.