On February 14th, 2016, on Valentine’s Day, Žlibinai community organized a campaign-exhibition "I can be happy”, to combat violence against women and the gala concert to commemorate February 16.


About thecampaign:

The goal is to speak out what all are thinking, but too often remain silent. The campaign aims to point out that every third woman in the world, which is about a billion, suffer from violence.

Suspended women clothes on hangers, on them, women’s real stories. Briefly presented stories of women, who have suffered from violence.

Orange dress. What symbolizes orange dress? United Nations initiative for the global campaign against violence has chosen the color orange. It symbolizes optimism in eliminating violence.

On November 25, buildings are illuminated all around the world, participants of the campaign choose orange clothes and other attributes. In Lithuania orange dresses logo was created by Women’s Information Center.




The campaign was organized implementing the project "Livein Village – be Aware of your Worth", in which Žlibinai community is only one of the fifteen communities.

The project is funded by the EEA Financial Mechanisms NGO programs in Lithuania funds.