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25 May. 2017

Community members create an innovative technologies for use of sapropel

Group of Lithuanian scientists have created and patented innovative technologies for use of organic lakes sediments – sapropel – for creation of fertile soil in desert, and recreation of agronomic soil properties in degraded soil. Using this technologies in desert sand  yield was the same  like in Nile delta. Effect of technologies was tested in Egypt, UAE, Bahrain.

You can find presentation here.



 Community member JSC "IKSADOS GTC"

 March. 2017

This March our company signed contract with LBSA for co-financed project from European Union structural funds.

This project aims to develop method of   ecological organic fertilizer consisted of sapropel production, by creating a water removal from sapropel industrial prototype of working technological equipment, for freezing it in to snow crystals.

Optimal equipment operation modes, optimal energy consumption, minimum impact to beneficial organic compounds in sapropel will be established after project accomplishment. Also, there will be  equipment operating instructions and analytical-scientific, design-production documentation prepared.

In the future, our company plans:

  1. To assimilate production of sapropel freezing into snow crystals technological equipment.
  2. To organize the realization of developed technological equipment, as well as export and service.
  3. To improve developed technological equipment.
  4. To actively participate in programs to combat soil degradation and desertification, to promote and set up use of fertilizers and meliorants from sapropel, in order to increase the assimilation of sapropel market, as well as the processing, using the technological equipment for  freezing snow crystals.

Name of the project: “Water removal from sapropel, by freezing into snow crystals method, creation of technological industrial equipment prototype"

The project is implemented by 2014-2020  European Union Funds Investment Operational  Program 1st Priority  “Sience Research, exploratory development and promoting innovation” implementing measure “Intellect. General science-business projects”, is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project budget: The total project estimated at  253 629.78 Eur, of which 183 764,02 Eur are from the EU Structural Funds and  69 865,76 Eur  - own corporate funds.

Project implementation period - 18 months.